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The table below includes the CYGNSS sampling coverage of each storm since January 1st, 2017. Click on the name of the storm to display the animation. The table is arranged in alphabetical order of the storm name.

Daily CYGNSS wind speed maps (global and storm centered) are available here.

Storm Name Identifier Start Date End Date
Adrian EP01 2017/05/09T18:00 2017/05/12T06:00
Alberto AL01 2018/05/20T18:00 2018/05/29T06:00
Aletta EP02 2018/06/04T00:00 2018/06/11T18:00
Arlene AL01 2017/04/16T06:00 2017/04/22T18:00
Beatriz EP02 2017/05/31T12:00 2017/06/02T06:00
Beryl AL02 2018/07/02T00:00 2018/07/16T06:00
Bret AL02 2017/06/18T18:00 2017/06/20T09:00
Bud EP03 2018/06/07T12:00 2018/06/15T18:00
Calvin EP03 2017/06/11T12:00 2017/06/13T06:00
Carlotta EP04 2018/06/12T12:00 2018/06/19T00:00
Chris AL03 2018/07/04T12:00 2018/07/12T12:00
Cindy AL03 2017/06/19T18:00 2017/06/24T06:00
Daniel EP05 2018/06/21T18:00 2018/06/26T12:00
Debby AL04 2018/08/02T18:00 2018/08/09T18:00
Don AL05 2017/07/17T00:00 2017/07/18T12:00
Dora EP04 2017/06/24T00:00 2017/07/01T00:00
Eight EP08 2017/07/16T18:00 2017/07/21T00:00
Eleven AL11 2018/09/18T00:00 2018/09/23T12:00
Eleven EP11 2017/08/04T00:00 2017/08/08T00:00
Emilia EP06 2018/06/25T00:00 2018/07/02T00:00
Emily AL06 2017/07/30T18:00 2017/08/02T00:00
Ernesto AL05 2018/08/11T12:00 2018/08/18T06:00
Eugene EP05 2017/07/07T12:00 2017/07/14T06:00
Fabio EP07 2018/06/27T00:00 2018/07/06T12:00
Fernanda EP06 2017/07/11T18:00 2017/07/20T18:00
Florence AL06 2018/08/29T06:00 2018/09/18T12:00
Four AL04 2017/07/05T12:00 2017/07/07T12:00
Franklin AL07 2017/08/06T18:00 2017/08/10T12:00
Gert AL08 2017/08/12T00:00 2017/08/18T18:00
Gilma EP08 2018/07/25T00:00 2018/07/30T12:00
Gordon AL07 2018/09/01T12:00 2018/09/08T00:00
Greg EP07 2017/07/17T12:00 2017/07/27T06:00
Harvey AL09 2017/08/16T06:00 2017/09/02T12:00
Hector EP10 2018/07/27T06:00 2018/08/13T12:00
Helene AL08 2018/09/06T00:00 2018/09/16T12:00
Hilary EP09 2017/07/20T12:00 2017/08/01T00:00
Ileana EP11 2018/08/03T06:00 2018/08/07T12:00
Invest AL94 2018/10/13T12:00 2018/10/16T18:00
Invest EP98 2018/10/11T00:00 2018/10/14T12:00
Invest EP99 2018/10/16T12:00 2018/10/18T00:00
Irma AL11 2017/08/30T00:00 2017/09/13T12:00
Irwin EP10 2017/07/22T06:00 2017/08/03T12:00
Isaac AL09 2018/09/02T18:00 2018/09/17T06:00
John EP12 2018/08/03T06:00 2018/08/10T12:00
Jose AL12 2017/09/04T06:00 2017/09/25T06:00
Jova EP12 2017/08/11T12:00 2017/08/17T00:00
Joyce AL10 2018/09/11T12:00 2018/09/19T00:00
Katia AL13 2017/09/05T12:00 2017/09/09T12:00
Kenneth EP13 2017/08/17T12:00 2017/08/27T18:00
Kirk AL12 2018/09/20T00:00 2018/09/29T00:00
Kristy EP13 2018/08/02T12:00 2018/08/11T12:00
Lane EP14 2018/08/10T12:00 2018/08/29T06:00
Lee AL14 2017/09/14T18:00 2017/09/30T06:00
Leslie AL13 2018/09/22T00:00 2018/10/13T18:00
Lidia EP14 2017/08/29T18:00 2017/09/03T12:00
Maria AL15 2017/09/16T12:00 2017/10/02T12:00
Max EP16 2017/09/13T12:00 2017/09/15T06:00
Michael AL14 2018/10/04T18:00 2018/10/12T12:00
Miriam EP15 2018/08/24T06:00 2018/09/03T12:00
Nadine AL15 2018/10/07T12:00 2018/10/13T00:00
Nate AL16 2017/10/03T12:00 2017/10/11T00:00
Nine EP09 2018/07/25T12:00 2018/07/27T12:00
Nineteen EP19 2018/09/17T18:00 2018/09/20T06:00
Norma EP17 2017/09/14T06:00 2017/09/22T06:00
Norman EP16 2018/08/24T18:00 2018/09/08T18:00
Olivia EP17 2018/08/27T12:00 2018/09/18T18:00
One EP01 2018/05/06T18:00 2018/05/12T00:00
Ophelia AL17 2017/10/06T12:00 2017/10/17T18:00
Otis EP15 2017/09/11T06:00 2017/09/21T00:00
Paul EP18 2018/09/05T00:00 2018/09/12T06:00
Philippe AL18 2017/10/27T18:00 2017/10/29T00:00
Pilar EP18 2017/09/22T00:00 2017/09/25T12:00
Ramon EP19 2017/10/03T18:00 2017/10/04T18:00
Rina AL19 2017/11/04T12:00 2017/11/09T12:00
Rosa EP20 2018/09/23T00:00 2018/10/02T12:00
Selma EP20 2017/10/26T18:00 2017/10/28T12:00
Sergio EP21 2018/09/27T06:00 2018/10/12T18:00
Tara EP22 2018/10/11T00:00 2018/10/17T00:00
Ten AL10 2017/08/27T18:00 2017/08/29T18:00
Walaka CP01 2018/09/26T18:00 2018/10/06T12:00